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Nancy Giles is an Emmy- winning contributor to "CBS News Sunday Morning." The girl keeps files on people she digs, and breaks down trending topics from pop culture to politics. Add a microphone and a ukulele for a fast and furious look at "what's up" through interviews, commentaries, song parodies and more.
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Jun 24, 2019
Who was your favorite science teacher? Wait: do you remember science class at all? Well, turn your phasers on “stun"
and get woke with some knowledge from Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Science is everywhere, and he won’t let you forget it!


Apr 11, 2019

As Ed Sullivan would say, “We have a really big show!” Grab a cocktail, put your feet up, and get your funny on!

Feb 11, 2019
Brillo pads! Microphones! And one of the best news correspondents in the biz. We grabbed Randall Pinkston, took him to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum, to get the lowdown. And we show some love to Nancy P. and Shirley C., warriors both.


Dec 28, 2018
I got my mind on my money and my money on my time!  We interview men and their pieces at WatchTime Magazine's 2018 luxury watch event in New York City.  It all winds together in the latest “Giles Files," plus a new holiday song full of cheer that ’s sure to become a classic.
Oct 14, 2018
This just in: a “Giles Files” exclusive: public servants who actually serve the public! And a young citizen with stars and stripes in his eyes envisions his future in the political arena. Plus: another edition of “Know Your Damn History,” and a boffo song featuring a throwdown between Senators Kamala Harris and Chuck Grassley!


Jul 24, 2018
The Giles Files takes a road trip to Washington DC for a sassy conversation with our favorite pundit! Plus, a serendipitous drive-by with two ladies from the Daughters of the American Revolution! Add a dash of “Know Your Damn History,” shake it with a James Brown redo, and pour over ice for a downright upright good time! 


May 14, 2018
The inside scoop on why high school boys don’t like “hoes.” AND: When is the N word cool..and when is it just plain rude?  PLUS: “I’ve got to make money for camp!” Nancy’s secret diaries, from her own teen years, reveal a young girl’s psychotic schemes to achieve popularity. We compare notes, share memories, and get “woke” by four spirited students from Weehawken High School.
Mar 26, 2018
Listen to the lowdown on why we haven’t posted in awhile. But stand by: more boffo episodes coming soon!
Nov 13, 2017

A movie cop goes berserk! A real life cop chills with chocolate treats!  We catch the story behind the story with filmmaker Cory Bowles and Captain Sean Kelly from the Weehawken Police Department . And what’s with people jumping the line?  Is civility dead or just on the lam?

Oct 5, 2017

Producer Nancy Wyatt spotted a statue that looked a little strange! Take a listen, check it out on Instagram @thegilesfilespix, and help us make some sense out of it.

Sep 2, 2017

Is the bromance between Donny and Vlad going through a rough patch? Who cares! We've got our own Russian comrade and he's got a few sweet tales of his own! And then a short conversation with the tall and seriously funny Judy Gold, a standup/sit-down/Emmy-winning media star. Plus a hit Broadway tune raps it all up.   

Jul 9, 2017

Sirius XM host Pete Dominic wants his country back and Glenda Hill wants her Arkansas back - say what? Meanwhile, Trump is churning out a tweet-storm of loony proclamations. Sad! Plus: check me while I almost bid on a sexy '69 Hemi 'Cuda, with dual carbs and a 4-speed pistol-grip shift. All on our latest boffo episode of "The Giles Files

May 29, 2017
The Emmy-winning comedian Joy Behar from “THE VIEW” talks about life, karma and flirting with Republicans; from Splendora Texas, meet Alton Dulaney: artist, teacher and all around stylish dude; plus a country music tribute to a powerful man who is chock full-o-nuts.  Add a ukulele and some powerful office chat for another boffo episode of "The Giles Files." 


Apr 10, 2017

Dean Obeidallah is a comedian, essayist, Sirius XM talk show host, activist and co-producer of the documentary "The Muslims Are Coming". Dean shares his undercover mission and a beverage obsession! Meet the newest playwright on the scene, Faith Villanueva, and find out why candy matters. Then groove to our political parody scribed to White Rabbit.

Add a ukelele, shake well and you've got "The Giles Files!"

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Feb 27, 2017
Robert Osborne, the gracious and elegant Turner Classic Movies host for the last 23 years, passed away on March 6, 2017. He was 84. We had the joy of sailing with Robert on a TCM Classic Movie Cruise just over a year ago and our interview with him was more like a wonderful conversation between friends. And speaking of friends, Robert brought along some of his favorites (and some of the best in the business) and we were lucky enough to interview them as well: Louis Gossett Jr., Eva Marie Saint, Ileana Douglas, Ruta Lee, and Angie Dickinson, to name but a few. 
Feb 2, 2017

The story behind the story of my day at the Women's March in New York City, with producer Nancy Wyatt.

Jan 22, 2017

Did you know that the musical "Hello Dolly" left deep emotional scars on comedian Lewis Black? Or that MSNBC's Joy Reid is a coffee freak? Add a musical shout-out to President Barack Obama, and you've got another kick-ass edition of "The Giles Files".

Dec 30, 2016

Activist, author, and MSNBC contributor Ron Reagan talks to Nancy Giles about President-Elect Donald Trump and possible constitutional conflicts; Nancy's pal Eamon from Weehawken, NJ offers an eighth-grader's perspective on election 2016; a commentary on post-election depression; a song tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg; a chat about comedians and diminutive actors.